ARNE Artist-Run Network Europe


Candyland, Stockholm (SE)

Candyland is a non-profit exhibition space in Stockholm, founded in 2004. Candyland’s dynamic programme is the result of each of the ten founding members being free to invite any artist without the consent of the group. United by their common interest in promoting a wide variety of contemporary art they have produced more than 170 exhibitions since they opened. Candyland aims to build a local art platform with a heterogeneous audience and active in international networks with focus on developing the artist-run sector.
Candyland receives national co-funding from the Swedish Arts Council.


Ormston House, Limerick (IE)

Ormston House is a meeting place for the arts in the heart of Limerick City. We opened in 2011 as a Cultural Resource Centre to create new opportunities for artists and arts workers. Our core question is: how can we support artists better? The three pillars of our programme are artistic ambition, community engagement and professional development. The Artists-in-Residence play a central role in our thinking. Our programme is co-designed with citizens to promote access and inclusion resulting in community partnerships, multi-annual projects and cultural events that are responsive to the city and its context. We have developed a participatory model to connect local wisdom with diverse approaches to artistic practice.
Ormston House receives national co-funding from Limerick Culture & Arts Office at Limerick City & County Council
and the Arts Council of Ireland.


The Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Vilnius (LT)

LTMKS (LIAA, letmekoo) is an artist-run organisation that has almost 150 members – artists and curators actively working in the contemporary art field. The association unites both young and acclaimed artists who received the Lithuanian National Art and Culture Prize and other awards, participated in the Venice Biennale and other prominent international and local exhibitions. It is the only organisation run by artists and curators in Lithuania that has been consistently active for over two decades. It organises and produces exhibitions, events, educational projects and residencies, publishes various publications and represents artists in socio-political situations. LIAA organises local and international events and exhibitions at Atletika gallery (formerly project spaces Malonioji 6 and Sodų 4) and runs a cultural centre Sodas 2123, creating a network of artists and artist organisations, expanding to the Baltic region and beyond.

LTMKS receives national co-funding from the Lithuanian Council for Culture.


>top – Association for the Promotion of Cultural Practice, Berlin (DE)

top operates since 2002 and includes a project space, biolab, co-working space and web server. The members are artists, researchers and activists. Their projects pursue an interdisciplinary approach, support international exchange and deal with non-commercial attitudes. They develop ideas in the field of art that merge politics, environment, economics, and humanisation of technologies. Top e.V. supports collaborative projects that seek a dialogue and diversity in artistic forms and attitudes.
>top receive national co-funding from Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.


The Syndicate of Creatures, Copenhagen (DK)

We are KRÆ. We are creatures. We are a syndicate of creatures who believe that the world needs radical rethinking. While the capitalistic autocannibalism devours our nature and feasts on all living creatures and living growths; while we humans become a bottomless gap of insatiable needs in a splintered world spinning in the wrong direction where reflection hurts; we turn into disturbing creatures – we become KRÆ – creatures identifying with critters and growths, emerging as beings of the earth. The Syndicate of Creatures gathers around exhibitions, events, rituals and conversations. We work with events that revolve around interconnectedness of the past and the future, of nature with multiple creatures and species, and of each other in the common world. We want to create an experimental non-profit environment for rethinking; we start by dealing with the grotesque, the absurd, the rejected, the elements of nature, the roots, the robots and death. We use art and poetic collaboration as a gateway to disturb our fossilised mind-sets and to awaken numbed senses.


The Alternative Art Guide, The Hague (NL)

The Alternative Art Guide is a new tool to discover art spaces that are often difficult to find. With over 1700 spaces worldwide it is the largest online overview of non-profit, artist-run, and independent art spaces. The interactive map makes it easier to get the most out of a visit to a new city, or to find out what is around the corner at home.
Additionally, the Alternative Art Guide provides insight into local conditions for the presentation of contemporary art with a collection of articles. The articles are contributed by artist-run spaces and curators in the field, raising questions about locality versus globalisation and how different art practices take shape around the world.
The Alternative Art Guide is produced by The Naked, an artist-run initiative founded to show the multiplicity of alternative or independent spaces operating in the world today. The Alternative Art Guide is made possible with support from the Mondriaan Fund.


Totaldobre, Riga, (LV)

Totaldobre is a platform for contemporary art creation that started as an art centre Totaldobže in 2010 in the former factory VEF in Riga. Since 2018 Totaldobže has been redeveloped as a new art platform model under the title Totaldobre. Totaldobre invite people from various fields to collaborate, connect and communicate human values through art. Residencies, workshops, lectures and discussions are organised in an unused cinema and various rooms in the former Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics at Riga Technical University, as well as in other locations around the city provided by the organisation Free Riga. Totaldobre organise Black Hole workshops – process-driven collaborations that facilitate artists from various disciplines with a focused residency period within which they engage in an intensive creative exchange supported by a moderator. Black Holes is about experimenting, taking risks and allowing for failure.

associate partners

Artist-Run Alliance, Berlin/Tel Aviv (DE/IL)


Aarhus Center for Visual Art/Juxtapose Art Fair, Aarhus (DK)


Konstfack – University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm (SE)


Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair (SE)